Indelible Elevations LTD is a Small Limited Start-up company specialising in Digital Workshop’s with an online Digital Design e-commerce site.

Indelible Elevations LTD

  • Design
  • Structure and
  • Deliver

Personal development and business development skills through educational resources and workshops using digital platforms such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Content Management System Web design, Social Media, Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Mozilla Thimble, BBC Micro:bit and Python making a positive difference to the growth and development of my local community.

My goal as a former Computer Science Teacher Assistant is to bridge the gap between the digital platform and the paper world once knew and loved, through strengthening critical and computational thinking.

I am currently trading as a graphic designer offering a digital design service for any purpose for example:

  • Business Marketing
  • Personal Invitations and Greeting cards
  • Charity Awareness and
  • Gifts

with an online ecommerce website selling my graphic designs on items like phone cases, hats, bags, wall frames, canvases, stationary and cups This was to give me a bit of business experience whilst I undertook a few essential courses, one being the lovely DYE programme and another being my level 1 mathematics which in turn will enable me to successfully offer my skills and attributes running Indelible Elevations Digital Workshops alongside my online digital designs.

I have been working very hard, often in collaboration with the local PTA groups to develop my educational resources and workshop ranges for both adults and children.

My workshops offer the opportunity to enable these business owners to utilize the use of digital technology in a productive and cost effect way by undertaking one of Indelible Elevations Team Building courses, Microsoft Office Courses or my favourite as of late, the popular by interest: Google Drive Tool.

So often job opportunities are missed, children do get to pick the school of their choice and most importantly some people struggle to get access to public funds and support.

Well, with Indelible Elevations offering essential workshops at reasonable prices I am confident my belief and knowhow can navigate the Lewisham Borough community to MEMORABLE HEIGHTS.

This is a sound opportunity not only for our children’s personal and academic development but our families personal skill set and personal development, as well as local business development.

My aim evolves around productively enhancing skills within families. You see family is the core value to which Indelible Elevations LTD was built. I have realised our growth is built on how we treat others and the knowledge we know to level the playing field.

With my belief and knowhow, understanding the importance of succession and longevity Indelible Elevations will become one of the leading enterprises for digital skills workshops and will prosper through the heart and soul of South-East London.